BaileyHygiene are dedicated to achieving cleaner, more environmentally friendly washrooms.

We work with our partners  in hygiene to improve the experience of users and those who manage them. That encompasses dispensers, optimum cleaning solutions and installation support.



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The Government Return To work Safely Protocol is high on responsibility and detail. However, what practical hygiene steps do you, your safety officer, environmental officer, need to take?

Baileyhygiene both advises and supplies leading SME’s, Facility Managers and Contract Cleaners. We break down into easy bites the essential steps to protect your staff, customers and assist in meeting the legal obligations. We will on request, conduct a fast free no hassle site survey to see how your business measures up. You can then take our recommendations on board with your existing supplier or we can work further with you.

What should you be looking at?

How clients and deliveries arrive?

How you move internally?

What is a frequently touched surface and why is it so important?

How do you ramp up the standard of hygiene to minimise the possibilities of cross infection?

What Baileyhygiene can offer your business:

  • Washroom paper systems that avoid unnecessary touching
  • Optimum foam soap systems for effective fast washing
  • Alcohol and non alcohol based systems (stands or portable)
  • Portable pump bottles
  • Personal protective items such as masks gloves.
  • Surface sanitizers for food and coffee stations
  • Social Distancing Signage
  • Wipes for IT equipment
  • Correct disposal of used hygiene materials

Keep your business open when you reopen!


Phone: + 353862349788