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We get switched on each morning by washrooms and hygiene systems

The BaileyHygiene


A small dingy, grubby washroom with noisy air dryers blowing out hot air is an unpleasant experience and impacts at a reputational level with the visitor.

Our reach is nationwide, and our objective is to raise hygiene standards. Throughout the continuing challenge of Covid19 we have been advising on the practical aspects of protecting staff and supporting good food hygiene practises.

Never has the washroom been more important. The washroom is no longer just a functional place to get in and out of. It is a space that can play its part in keeping us safe, give us a little bit of time to draw a breath, refresh & reboot!
As we return to work on a phased basis hygiene will remain a priority. Washrooms should be a good sensory experience; visually, aurally, nasally and touch wise. Space and aesthetics play their part to.

Our History

Baileyhygiene owes its name to JR Bailey and has its origins in the second World War or ‘Emergency’. The family small oil business ceased to exist and he needed to do something different to feed his family in the new harsh reality. He turned to rags and paper.

His claim to fame when cars returned, was that he drove a Jaguar to work in Smithfield and did his work on a bicycle around town as Dublin was then called.

We Work

Washrooms will more than ever on return to work be places of comfort as well as functionality. The should be the ‘go to’ place for personal health and feeling good. For women this is the place where there is a little space and time to relax, refresh and go back outside. For men it is also a place to unwind. Men are from Mars while women are from Venus. They inhabit the same bathrooms at home while their experiences in the washroom are very different.

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Dependable, experienced team that you can depend on.
We become part of your extended team.

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We Can Help With:

  • Arrange Hygiene audits
  • Ensuring hygiene systems are cost effective
  • On site deliveries
  • Upgrading your washroom systems
  • Installation of dispensers
  • Supply direct to site