Where We Work

We cooperate with and service most business segments throughout Ireland. Baileyhygiene can source, provide, fit, install and problem solve.


Upon return to work, washrooms will more than ever be, places of comfort as well as functionality. They should be the ‘go to’ place for personal health and to feel good. For women this is the place where there is a little space and time to relax, refresh, and go back outside. For men it is also a place to unwind. Men are from Mars while women are from Venus. They inhabit the same bathrooms at home while their experiences in the washroom vary considerably.

Food Processing

BaileyHygiene has knowledge of processing lines and washroom systems that are required to maintain standards. We can contribute to meeting your ISO, BRC and other certification requirements.


On farm, Baileyhygiene can provide paper and other hygiene systems to meet hygiene standards.


BaileyHygiene specialises in paper and non-woven cleaning systems that enhance hygiene standards and production efficiency.

Health & Safety/
Vendor Management

Those supplying the pharma, chemical and heavy industry sectors require consistent quality products from dependable suppliers.

Bailey Hygiene Health and Safety
BAileyHygiene Schools

Schools and

Schools are key in educating as to the benefits of a sustainable approach to the environment. We have been active in raising the standard of hygiene and in advising best practise.

Hospitality &

BaileyHygiene understands the importance of ensuring that hotels, restaurants, leisure centres, and outdoor events have the optimum front of house and back of house hygiene systems in place.

Bailey Hygiene Hotels

Health & Wellbeing

Personal contact is the common denominator in hospitals, medical centres and in Doctor and Dental Practices. Never has it been more important to have systems and products that minimise risk and give comfort. Baileyhygiene includes in its cliental; hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, medical practices, physiotherapists, acupuncturists and tattoo artists.

Restaurants & Pubs

BaileyHygiene is working with those in this sector to assist in the systems and procedures to help them reopen through our distributor network. We are involved in on-site surveys to offer expertise in good hand hygiene, washroom and catering practises.


We Can Help With:

  • Arrange Hygiene audits
  • Ensuring hygiene systems are cost effective
  • On site deliveries
  • Upgrading your washroom systems
  • Installation of dispensers
  • Supply direct to site