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We support FM and Hygiene Partners in achieving higher standards. Our responsiveness and tight planning makes it happen!

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Hygiene has been elevated in importance over the past two years. Baileyhygiene has played its part in advising businesses in how to minimise the entry and spread of Covid 19 and other air and touch pathogens.

We evaluate what is going on in your business. This can be on the production line, in food service and catering or the washroom.

The World is entering a new era. The introduction of blended working will raise what is expected of the workplace. This will be particularly true of washrooms which will no longer be just functional places. They will also be places to unwind and feel good.

We evaluate what is going on in your washroom, what your traffic flow is and how we can make the washroom a better experience.


Someone once said, if you want to go on a short journey go by yourself.

If you want to go on a longer journey, go with likeminded people.
We work with progressive companies who are working with their clients.

We work with our Partners and Distributors throughout Ireland to deliver excellence in all aspects of washroom and personal hygiene outside the home. We identify what our partners want and respond to their requirements.

We Work

Washrooms will more than ever on return to work be places of comfort as well as functionality. The should be the ‘go to’ place for personal health and feeling good. For women this is the place where there is a little space and time to relax, refresh and go back outside. For men it is also a place to unwind. Men are from Mars while women are from Venus. They inhabit the same bathrooms at home while their experiences in the washroom are very different.

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Dependable, experienced team that you can depend on.
We become part of your extended team.

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We Can Help With:

  • Arrange Hygiene audits
  • Ensuring hygiene systems are cost effective
  • On site deliveries
  • Upgrading your washroom systems
  • Installation of dispensers
  • Supply direct to site